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How do you purge your expensive plastic processing machines?

Plastic Purge Compounds by XPD8® are what every plastics processor needs to help stay competitive. We have a purge compound available for most plastic purging applications and heat ranges. Our Plastic Purging Material may be purchased in Concentrate, Redi-Mix, and Liquid form. Speed up your plastic purging process with the rapid purge results you get from XPD8® purging compounds. The synergy of XPD8® plastic purge compounds makes it an ultra purge. All of our products have multi purge capabilities meaning they will all purge multi resins in multi applications. We are your supplier for a high quality purge compound in the United States and Global purge markets. Excessive use of purging products is eliminated by using XPD8® Don't waste time and money by using expensive purge products, pulling screws, or inferior methods to complete non-successful changeovers. (Many plastics processors are still using virgin resin only) While this may temporarily work, it doesn't have the ability to clean out the carbon, not to mention the amount of pounds used. You will find that manufacturing costs go down using a good quality purge compound. We are always on the fore front of the industry in the development of our purging products. Our purge products work with hot runner, injection molding, extrusion, sheet molding, and film extrusion systems. We have you covered whether you run polyethylene or polycarbonate and we have a myriad of products that work from 230 F all the way to 775 F. All of our customers report significant time and waste savings by using our XPD8® plastic purge to clean out their machines. Our customers also report that it takes them less than 15 minutes to purge most machines. Some larger extruders may take up to 20 minutes to purge. Overall, if you are spending more time than that to clean out your machines, please call us and we will show you how you can reel in unprofitable time spent using inferior purging products. Let us show you how to slide more money into your pocket by using XPD8®.   For a free Sample of our XPD8® High Performance Plastic Purging Compounds please click here.

Our line of XPD8® Chemically Enabled Plastic Purging Compounds are technologically advanced to meet current and future demands for a maturing plastics industry. Our Purging Products deep clean plastic processing machines. XPD8® Plastic Purging Compounds have internal chemical reactions that are activated by the heat of your plastics injection molders or extruders. These are timed chemical reactions that will degrade the residue or thermoplastic by significantly lowering the molecular weight of the contamination. This process is achieved by safely breaking down the plastic at its molecular level, and thereby lowering its viscosity making it very easy to get out of your system. We can assure you that our practical purging solution is safe for your machines. XPD8® also sweeps away and removes loosened and degraded colorants, additives, and plastics that may be stuck in your machines. When the chemical reaction is finished XPD8® degrades itself and is easily removed from your machines. For more purging tips using XPD8® please visit our tips page by clicking here.

All of our plastic purging compounds are FDA Compliant making them ideal to use for Food Packaging and Medical Applications. All of the XPD8® grades have no unnatural odor to them like ammonia and contain no fiberglass, chlorides, or any non-melting particles. If you need a quick changeover, and your bottom line is important to you, you owe it to yourself to try XPD8® Plastic Purge Compound.

RBM Polymers, Inc. has been producing Quality Purging Compounds that deliver tremendous results time after time since 1989.  XPD8® Purge Compounds will save you time and money!  A steady regimen of proactive maintenance on your plastics processing machinery and equipment utilizing the benefits of XPD8® High Performance Plastic Purging Compounds will remove black carbon residue, resins, and colorants from your plastic processing machines that will contaminate the molded parts, concentrates, or compounds that you make. Exceed your expectations with XPD8® purge compound.

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