Purge Plastic brought to you by XPD8®.

A screw cleaned by XPD8® shines like new!


Chemically enabled Plastic Purging Compounds like XPD8® are heat activated.  To achieve optimum results, you must raise your heats in the areas that you know problems are likely to occur. Such as:    
Areas of Negative Flow    
Sharp Angles in The Flow Path    
Blow Molding Heads

However, in areas that you feel you don't have a problem, do not deviate from normal heat profiles recommended
The Feeder Zone in Injection Molders    
Straight Screw and Barrel in Extrusion Systems

By following these guidelines, you will be assured that the chemical activity of the Purging Compound will be used where it is needed and not prematurely expended and wasted in areas where it is not necessary.

RBM suggests that every time you have a prolonged shutdown of your equipment to employ the amazing abilities of XPD8® High Performance Plastic Purging Compounds to give you worry free restarts time after time.

XPD8® Compounds will not freeze up your screws, will never plug up a die head, and will guarantee an easy start up after a prolonged shutdown without any problems at all.

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