Purging material brought to you by XPD8®:

The following testimonials are from current customers who were using competitive products, their own purging compounds, or other methods. We have many more testimonials available. Please contact us if you are interested. Processes include Injection Molding and Extrusion (Blown Film, Sheet, Compounds). Testimonials include small, medium and large processors in both captive and custom classifications.

Medium size Injection molder was using a $.75 per pound MM regrind for purging material. It took an average of 4 hours for a sometimes adequate purge between some colors and resins. "When I switched to "D8" (Redi use pellets) I was able to reduce my scrap by 80% and save over 3 hours in down time. Your product not only saved us time and money, but I got rid of the black carbon specs."

Small custom injection molder. We received an order and never sample or quoted. We called this customer and asked where he got information on our "LQ" product (Liquid easy to use). "I was having a discussion about purging with a friend of mine who has a molding plant. He told me to buy and use this purge. It's the best purge agent from a cost and performance standpoint he has ever used."

Large color concentrate compounder. "We have tried every purge on the market and even developed our own compound. We saved over $68,000 per year in material costs and time and your "PG" grade (pellet form concentrate) is more effective than any other purge tested or used".

Small captive extruder was using a competitive liquid purge and switched to our very easy to use "LQ". "Your product is equally effective, but costs less and we don't have to mix this product. The product we were using really made a mess".

Large Blown film manufacturer with multiple plants. "Your "SP" (pellet form) works great and saves us money."

Large Automotive molder with multiple plants and locations. Currently, 5 plants are using our "D8", "SP" and "LQ" grades. The following testimonial is from one plant using "LQ". "Your purge saved us over $60,000 per year and is easier to use and more effective than the purging material we were using".

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